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Vitamin C: Why we need it?

Why is Vitamin C important?

Vitamin C is very important for health and whether you are a child, adult or are getting on in years, you cannot do without this important vitamin.

Vitamin C has many different uses in the body. It is an antioxidant meaning that it protects the body against cell damage and it strengthens the immune system against disease and illness.

Vitamin C also helps the body repair itself and grow so is important for the healthy development of children. It is equally important for older people as it protects the body against the damage caused by aging and disease.

How much Vitamin C do I need?

Fail to eat foods containing vitamin C and you could end up with scurvy – the disease that affected the sailors of old when they ran out of fresh fruit on long voyages!

You need at least 90 mg of vitamin C a day. The good news is that the average sized orange contains 53mg so making fruit part of your daily diet is the best way to ensure that you have enough of this miraculous vitamin.