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Come and Explore the Cape Region

Explore the Western Cape

The Western Cape is a beautiful region that is well worth exploring. Pay us a visit and come and see for yourself!

This region of South Africa is a paradise of fruit, vineyards and magnificent scenery. Whether you like beaches, mountains or exploring, the thousands of miles of unspoilt beauty of the Western Cape has it all plus a fantastic climate that is always warm but never extreme.

The Western Cape grows the best fruit in the world!

Most of the fruit grown in South Africa originates from the Western Cape and the region boasts excellent fruit quality and a wide diversity of crops.

Some of the grapes grown in the Western Cape are turned into award winning wines from the many vineyards that dot the landscape but there is more to this area than wine.

Fruits grown in the Western Cape include peaches, plums, apricots, apples, pears, grapes, berries and citrus fruit, especially oranges.

You cannot beat great quality and the Western Cape has a unique recipe for success. The temperate Mediterranean climate, excellent soil, gentle slopes and years of farming experience adds up to making the fruit produced in the Western Cape among the best in the world.