Examples of Gondola ends and Shelf displays of Camisa Fruit Juice at various stores in Ghana.


Harare - Zimbabwe


Camisa sposored both the Ladies and Men's teams of the Jewels Volley Ball Club. This was the second break-off Harare league tournament for the Jewels Volley Ball Club.

The Ladies came second for whole tournament - out of 7 ladies teams.

Lusaka - Zambia


The impressive Camisa display in the new Pick n Pay store in Ndola, Lusaka. The complete Camisa range with all the flavours is available in store.


Pick n Pay invested over US $ 3.5 million into the Ndola store which includes stock provision upon opening. The Ndola store is roughly 800m² bigger than the first store and will boast Zambia’s first Pick n Pay clothing range. With the opening of its second Zambian store, Pick n Pay has employed over 300 Zambian citizens and by the end of the year, this number will have extended to over 600 employees.